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Shandong Celebrities Hall
11. Shandong Celebrities Hall

The celebrities whose hometown is Shandong are emerging group after group in ShandongĄ¯s long history. The rapid economic development reenergized the culture construction process, forming a prosperous scene that gives free reign to all styles of art and all schools of thought. A number of nation-known masters of painting and calligraphy and collectors whose hometown is Shandong have been donating their works of art or collections to the museum, illustrating the social responsibility of the artist himself as well as the spirit of art serving the people.

Shandong Celebrities Hall is one of the important projects of promoting the construction of a culture strong province by the Shandong provincial party committee and government, by displaying the modern Shandong celebritiesĄ¯ lofty style and integrity and their works of art of which aims to build a publicity hall of core socialist values, a moral hall, an exhibition hall displaying the achievements of the Shandong celebrities, a museum filled with the spirit of donation and dedication, an art hall of fine works of art, and a culture hall with Shandong spirits.

The first section of the Shandong Celebrities Hall is composed of Wang Xiantang Memorial Hall, Yu Xining Memorial Hall and Zhang Dengtang Art Hall, the exhibits are part of the collections and works of art donated by the three celebrities. There will be updating exhibits donated by the celebrities displayed group by group. In addition, Shandong Celebrities Hall is looking forward to more works of art donated by more Shandong celebrities.