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7. Paintings in the Collection of Shandong Museum

Shandong Province has a long history with splendid legacies of ancient civilization. Since the works of the Chinese Calligraphy Sage ĘC Wang Xizhi, a beautiful scroll of Chinese painting and calligraphy has been unrolled here in Shandong. Long before that, folk artists of the Western Han Dynasty left us with bamboo slips of natural and graceful calligraphy, as well as imaginative bright-colored silk paintings. Those are the origins of painting and calligraphy legacies of Shandong. Scholars and collectors throughout history have accumulated an abundance of work here. These collections dated from the Han Dynasty, where at this time elaborate funerals were advocated, to the Ming and Qing Dynasties when people talented in painting and calligraphy came forth in large numbers. Some of the collections are preserved ancient treasures, while others are discoveries in recent decades by collecting and field archaeological excavations. Here presents various schools and styles of painting with such a broad scale of exquisite collections. Shandong has become one of the biggest collectors of ancient painting and calligraphy works in China.