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6. Ceramics in the Collection of Shandong Museum

The collection of ancient ceramics is another unique feature of Shandong Museum. A total of 500 ceramic objects, representing a comprehensive history of the development of Chinese ceramics, comprise this exhibition, including the proto-porcelain of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, the ceramics made by the Ding Kiln and Jun Kiln of the Song and Jin Dynasties, the bright colored ceramics made by the official kilns of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, among which the following artifacts are the cream of this exhibition, such as the Tri-color pottery double-fish vase, Ge-kiln plate of Song Dynasty, underglaze red bowl with interlocking flowers design in the Hong Wu Reign(1368-1398) period of Ming dynasty, famile-rose gourd-shaped vase with three mouths in the Qian Long Reign(1736-1795) period of Qing dynasty, contrasted colors vase with bamboo-shaped handles of Qing dynasty. The ceramic objects produced by the local kilns of Shandong peninsula are of particular characteristics; such kilns include the Dezhou Kiln, Zibo Kiln, Zhongchenhao (a village of Zaozhuang city) Kiln, Ci (a small town of Taian city) Kiln.